So my Ludum Dare 23 entry got these comments:

“This has a very nice charm to it, controls and mechanics are easy to understand” – schizofunky

“Nice idea, although my score never seemed to go up. Having some positive areas or powerups to get to would probably give it more replayability.” – MrDanH

“Not bad! Good idea. ” – orgarus

“Pretty cool idea, but I think it lacked a bit. …” – demonpants

“Simple, but pretty fun. A little audio would go a long way” – Kitch

“Acctually fun game, and never ever seen Gameplay-Idea, like it, Althrough it crashes sometimes.” – matheus23

“.. Nice concept though, pretty orinigal and works well with the theme …” – danblack

“Very addictive and innovative! congrats” – Pierrec

“Interesting. I oddly liked the music it had, I think because it fit the game.” – xBlinkedx

“simple, but fun and innovative” – orangepascal

For negative ones I got applet, lag and crash issues. I make this to appreciate to what they have done. Sorry if I can’t put all comments here. Thank you very much!


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