This is an old project that I started about one year ago. This is purely an experimental project. I didn’t mind gameplay or fun factor on making progress, just pouring all mechanisms like bonus system, HUD, boss fight and else. At result, normal human wouldn’t able to play this if they miss my post 😀


No clear instruction inside game. In basic, you have to guard four mines from be crushed by sharks. In case you fail, the mine will fall and you should catch up to “repair” it, costing ship’s immobility for some seconds. If you fail that too, the mine will explode causing small quake that will bring down another steady mine. Destroying sharks will award special bullets or shield. You win when a mine managed to survive at the end of horde.


  • 5 challenging levels + 1 boss level
  • 5 types of shark-droid with unique ability each
  • 6 types of bullets with different power each

All assets including codes, music and sprites excluding title logo are originated to me.



About drabiter

A simple Java dev.

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