[post-mortem] Evolvin Gen

So here is my first port-mortem, covering an entry that I made for Ludum Dare 24 compo “Evolution”. The entry is not other but Evolvin Gen. If you don’t know, Evolvin Gen is a simple puzzle game where blah blah blah..

What went right:

  • Idea. I found a way to created game that matched both theme and skill.
  • Library. New version of LibGdx works like charm. Adding effects is relative easy and its project setup mechanism is like something that created by 2.5m tall wizard with long red beard, using his staff that made from heart of dragon. It’s great man!
  • Sleep. The game itself was not really hard to build. With that fact I could get enough sleep, longer than previous LD.

What went wrong:

  • Idea. What? but you said it went right! Yeah I figured out gameplay that matched the theme, but it’s not the first. Third! I changed my gameplay so many times. The first one was something-devour-another. Too mainstream. The second one was narrative game (kinda like VN) that telling about evolution. My english is too poor. So, here I am.
  • Graphics. In the end of game, I should provided a sprite for each result. My first attempt was drawing a guy with tentacles and bald grandma. However the time was tight so I just made them as text-only.
  • Bug. If you score 100% which is quite hard to obtain at least for me, my game will show you a beautiful exception. I can’t regenerate it yet, but I want and willling to fix.
  • Layout. Someone said that they can’t figure out how to play. Well, it’s by clicking the text. They’re button, functional receiving input. But the lack of “clickable-feel” made it… be unnoticed. Lesson obtained!
  • GWT. If my GWT base worked well, a HTML5 version would be available.

What’s next:

Dig libgdx more, fix the bug if I can, and setup my GWT asap. Have fun and wait for next LD.


[LD24] Evolvin Gen

Here is my little entry for Ludum Dare #24 with “Evolution” as theme, “Evolvin Gen“.

After hundred years, I fired up my LibGdx library again. Two seconds later I noticed huge changes with my latest version so it appears that I had to made this while learning. The idea behind this game is player should memorize the given pattern then switch cells within limited time so it’ll become a completely new pattern. The result of change (evolution) is determined from the degree of difference. There’re 15 results you can try.

You can download the game from here directly or nicely go to my ludum dare page then rate it.

[Game] Bubo 4K now in Game Jolt

My entry for Java4K competition now has submitted to Game Jolt. Nothing added or changed compared to last version that judged at the end of competition, or exactly same I say. It’s just an attempt to “resurrect” one of my creations.

You can play it (again maybe?) here.