[table caption=”Ludum Dare“]

,Evolvin Gen – Entry for LD24 with theme “Evolution”. Memorize the DNA pattern and change it hardly – as differ as you can within limited time – to produce new creature., [download]

,Narrow – My LD23 entry for “Tiny world” theme. Created in less than 12 hours. Evade all colorful population and keep moving to score., [download]

,PISOPAlien – A little game that show support to protest those bills. Play it like you play Space Invader., [download]

,Spirit in Mansion – This is my first try for Ludum Dare. It was LD22 with theme “Alone”. Shoot all ghosts inside the mansion with your camera (sounds like you-know-what)., [download]


[table caption=”Java 4K“]

,Bubo4K (2012) – Remember a HTML5 demo game called Chain Reaction? Here its clone in shape of 4Kb. More complex + shaky + bubby!, [play] [review]